Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Just One

I wonder about her a lot.

On the walk to the parking lot after watching a movie alone. And before I tell the hostess at a recommended restaurant the number in my party – just one.

But there’s solace in the fact that it won’t always be this way. The scenic drives, the intimate concert venues and the can’t miss brunch spot.

I will come back with her and do those same things. Except that it will be so much better.

That’s what makes this season of loneliness worth the trouble. I feel like I’m creating my own roadmap of future adventures, even though I haven’t lived long enough to appreciate the ones I’ve already made.  

There’s a whole world out there – and she’s in it somewhere. I’m still waiting for her, but I’m not waiting on her.

“Just one,” I will continue to tell the hostess. “Just one…for now.”