Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Take Two...

I am going to miss the mark.

It is not intentional, but perhaps ill-advised. And it’s probably going to be characterized as “experience” after an appropriate amount of time.

You see, I do not like do-overs. I hope I see my mistakes in advance so I don’t make them, if that makes any sense at all.

For years, I have written about finding a significant other and how I’d be “the best or nothing” - this better than Prince Charming-like ideal. I cannot promise that.

But, I can give the best of me.

There are days where the hurdles come, with or without warning. Maybe it’s road rage, missing a workout at the gym or something equally trivial.

I do not think I will ever be the best in my own eyes, but maybe that’s human nature.

Can I improve? Absolutely. But, to some degree, I always can.

I have this built-up Hollywood movie-like notion of what it’ll be like to find her - and I want to play the part too.

Lines memorized or not, I won’t skip out on the audition. I’m impatient, but at the same time I understand God writes the love story.

Maybe I don’t fit the character description, but I’ll play it to the best of my abilities - regardless of the twists and turns in the script.

That, or, I can just get a really good stunt double!