Friday, January 1, 2016


At one point last month, I was stuck in traffic.

The bumper to bumper, not sure when I'll reach my destination kind. But, it did not bother me. 

I am always focused on point B, whether its mapping out the destination in advance or planning my next social encounter. 

A roadblock, however, throws everything out of place. How long is it going to take? Will I get there in time? What if I am too late? Will I ever get there?

Those questions engulfed me in 2015, even when outside of traffic. Life does not follow a Google Maps time estimate, much less a rhyme or rhythm.

At the traffic stop, I waited patiently as Top 40 hits shuffled on the radio. I made it home, much later than I expected, yes, but maybe traffic is supposed to teach us patience? 

It will happen when it is supposed to happen - the significant other, the job promotion and/or whatever else life has in store. 

God sees the destination, even when I cannot understand the path. That's what I need to remember this year. 

It may seem like a roadblock on the surface, but the path - and ultimate destination - may have been the one I was destined for to begin with.