Monday, March 2, 2015


The "picture is worth a thousand words" adage is overstated, but there has to be a point in one's life where everything just flows like paint on a canvas.

I am almost there.

Whether it is a powerful investigative story or a trip to somewhere never ventured before, I think I am on the verge of a masterpiece. A place where colors, ideas and expressions collide to form a sort of bliss. Where the blowing of a car horn in traffic or the actual traffic is alot less frustrating than it was before. Where moments of impatience feel like paradise.

The consistency of a paint brush is like the consistency in my own life. The ability to do powerful journalism and spend equal amounts of time on the other side of the work coin.

This piece is abstract, purposefully so, but it represents a breakthrough of sorts. Where I am now is stoking a masterpiece, mixing primary colors, coming up with new angles and rearranging my perspective, likening my journey to a work of art.

This year has been as smooth as a paint brush so far, from all sides of the easel.