Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Waiting Game

Games usually have a clear cut winner and loser. No one wants to play for third place (sorry Brazil), but rather, try their best and win.

But, waiting has no winner. I cannot control the outcome. There is no deadline or indication of progress, at least so far, either.

However, the end result could be glorious or the consequence of impatience. I struggle with waiting, I want to meet the woman of my dreams and secure a full-time job with benefits, like yesterday.

Still, I understand the glory that comes with it. I will appreciate the initial job offer even more after sending multiple resumes a day and follow-up emails to former editors. The same goes for a future significant other, as past failures will become the building blocks needed to thrive in that golden partnership.

Life is not supposed to be easy. The tea leaves are difficult to decipher too, as many South Florida sports fans found out this week.

It is my turn to roll - and, I will wait.

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