Sunday, May 25, 2014


Every time I watch "24," one thought pops up, how can I be as productive as Jack Bauer?

If my hours were as rigorous as the rogue, terrorist attack preventer, I would probably have a Pulitzer Prize by now.

All joking aside, my summer schedule, so far, has been going to class, doing phone interviews, reading through documents, taking working lunches and repeat. To frequent blog readers, I do not have any out-of-town trips planned.

It is just me, in South Florida, working.

My social media feeds are filled with sand, flip-flops and gobs of sunshine. Dress shirts, ties and lofty office windows complete my setting.

Nonetheless, there is a benefit to having a running clock. In the last month, I have learned how to make infographics using Photoshop, code a motion chart in Google Playground and weave in reporting tools like DocumentCloud.

I like a good challenge, too, a sense of pressure. So, naturally, I am balancing a couple tight deadlines between work and school. Not to mention sending at least a resume a day to a potential employer.

Every second counts.