Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ten Feet Tall

This year has been a waiting game so far. And, that is okay.

Patience is a skill I have not exactly mastered yet, as you have probably read from my pursuit of a "significant other" references in past blog posts. But, I have picked up proficiency with this characteristic recently.

Last week, after more than six months of worry, doubt and the like, I started my summer gig with Knight Foundation. My focus is data journalism; the icing on a cake I hope is filled with a full-time job, plus benefits, once I graduate in August.

Somewhere down the line, beyond the back and forth "what if?" thoughts before bedtime, I reached the point where I reduced the worry and devoted my energy to optimistic thoughts and actions, with God at the center.

Anyone can "put on a smile," but, I prefer the authentic type. That means rolling with the punches: taking a rejected story pitch, shaky B-roll or computer repair and spinning it with momentum.

I still worry a little bit, admittedly, but I am standing taller in the process.