Saturday, March 1, 2014

I'm That Guy

I'm that guy.

No, not the guy who wears the 'I'm That Guy' shirt, but the guy who will stop at nothing to reach my pursuit of happiness, which isn't a Pulitzer Prize, a New York Times front page byline or even a full-time journalism job (maybe it should be the latter).

You see, success is nothing without someone to share it with. Anyone with some sort of work ethic can reach a career goal. But, the same prerequisites, at least for me, do not apply to finding a significant other.

People can go their whole lives without finding "The One" or end up settling for someone out of loneliness. These days, beyond praying and hoping, I have been shaping myself into the best version of "that guy."

- I'm that guy in a wedding planning class so I can help my future wife (No, I'm not kidding).

- I'm that guy who has taken (and will continue to take) dance lessons.

- I'm that guy who watches "chick-flicks" and thinks how can he improve on the mistakes of the male protagonist.

And, I have many more "that guy" idioms. It seems like I was wired to be a hopeless romantic, anything less isn't the best.

I'm that guy looking for that special someone.

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