Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Come To Me

Unanswered applications, weeks without a worthwhile story and general uneasiness.

I have had this feeling before.

It was November 2012. I had a spreadsheet of more than 50 media organizations and internship deadlines. I had already sent out the first 15 or so and gotten nothing. But, after an email out of the blue, I was selected as a News21 fellow.

And, the tables turned. I am still reveling in that success in fact.

Present day feels eerily similar. Still, it is compounded with the lack of a significant other. Both fronts look bare admittedly (I'm impatient, I know).

However, deep down, I trust that everything will work out. With God, it always does. So, this post is essentially a reminder for me to seek the end of the rainbow, even though it may touch down in a place I might not see or think of.

That is how it usually works. Plans deviate and life happens. But, while I do not usually understand God's plan, it is ALWAYS perfect.

So, there is that.

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