Sunday, September 1, 2013

Curtains Up

If I could sum up my summer in one moment, it would be seeing my favorite artist a couple weeks ago in concert. A video played overhead as my heart pulsed with excitement. Then the curtains went up - and the same excitement resonated, only with a greater intensity.

That is what I feel every time I research a fact, call a source or write a lede within the craft of journalism.

Beyond News21 and the continued success there, I already have a job offer and fellowships to Haiti and Atlanta planned this year. And that does not even include potential freelance gigs and/or other enterprise assignments.

It has just been one thing after another - and I am ever so grateful. My productivity has skyrocketed, but I still find leisure time, which includes sleeping late (a shocker, I know) and watching movies with friends.

My desire to land new internships is still there too, but it is not to pad my resume, I just love what I do. I wake up early with a smile on my face knowing what I will report on today will be different than the last.

And I approach it much like the curtains, reinforced intensity; the main act waiting behind it, ready to put on a show.

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