Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Home Stretch

Forgive me for another cliche, but it is time to put my best foot forward.

Since December, I have planned, organized and reported on post-9/11 veterans - traveling across the country on planes, buses and even down a California highway.

Now, like my editor said this week, the home stretch is upon me.

I have meticulously stared at a computer screen for upward of six weeks, double-, triple- and quadruple-checking each source and statistic. 

And, I love every minute of it.

The end result will be more than a byline or photo credit, but my largest completed work to date. I always said Year Three would be my breakout year and that goal has morphed into a reality. Just three years ago, I spent three weeks doing a semester's work of journalism that ultimately shaped my career path. 

I have not stopped since. 

After News21, I have less than a week of rest before starting another internship in the Phoenix/Tempe area. The Arizona weather has slowly gotten bearable, while my journalism skills have improved with each edit and story critique. 

I am doing more than hitting the ground running, but rather speeding to a full-time job within the year. The finish line is a reachable goal, but I am ready for another home stretch - and I have not even finished this one yet! 


  1. Where are you interning at in the Phoenix/Tempe area?