Friday, May 31, 2013

The One

When will I meet her? Have I met her already?

These are questions that bounce around in my mind on a daily basis.

Admittedly, I am quite impatient, or maybe persistent. Or both.

With all my journalism and spiritual success (I try to read at least three Bible verses a night), it is easy to lose sight of this need. But, I never lose faith in the process.

"The One" is unique in the sense that it is someone I will chose, it isn't family or a budding friendship bound to happen with similar classes or hobbies. I rely on fate, being myself as I experience daily life, hoping that one day I will have "my day."

The day where I meet her for lunch. Or for a first date. Or...who knows?

I often dream about this moment, or ask God for dreams hinting at her well-being. It may sound crazy, a bit far-fetched, but I have always been a head in the clouds romantic.

As I mentioned earlier this year, I am ready to give someone "the best or nothing."

Those are bold words to live by. But, when she enters my life, I will be ready.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Ceiling

A ceiling usually imposes a limit. It sets a standard for homes, offices and even sports arenas. But, there really is no ceiling.

I may have goals, but they do not limit what I can further accomplish.

In two weeks, I will begin a 10-week journey in Phoenix reporting on post 9/11 veterans using a myriad of mediums and sources. Then, I will return to South Florida and work some more.

Reflecting on LeBron James' fourth MVP award in five seasons, Dwyane Wade said James wants to maximize what God gave him. And the same is true for me.

I will not "settle" for an entry-level reporter position at a newspaper, be it high-profile or local. I would be thankful, yes, but I will strive for a top editor position and then some.

Ceilings are deceptive. They limit creativity and belief. Everything from "Where is the money in journalism?" to "Is your job stable?"

I will answer those questions. Count on it. I do not have a ceiling.