Thursday, April 18, 2013

Simply Amazing

Whether its cooking with Top Chefs or getting a 15A print contribution in The New York Times (that happened today), my success so far this year has been unprecedented.

I have reported on breaking news, cruises and even college basketball. It is truly a blessing to have my hard work recognized by top people in the journalism industry. And this is only the beginning.

Just a couple months ago, I worried about landing a summer internship and having no freelance gigs to complement my workload. Then, everything fell into place and I could not be happier. 

I feel like I can conquer any journalism task, be it video, print or radio. The tides continue to turn as I grow within journalism. 

Next month, I will head to Phoenix for 10 weeks to wrap up an in-depth reporting project I have been working on since January.

Then, I have other plans; I just do not know it yet. Waking up everyday to something new is simply amazing, and I will be there to report on it all. 

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