Monday, March 11, 2013

Little Wonders

It is crunch time. The home stretch. Time to put my best foot forward.

2013 has been filled with a multitude of journalism success, from A-level celebrity interviews to detailed news stories. But it needs to continue - and at a much higher level.

Until May 20, I will be conducting interviews and overseeing the News21 education team's coverage of student veterans. That means traveling, balancing work, school and the like. Then I will spend the summer in Phoenix doing it all again, at a much faster pace.

It is a great challenge that has continued to test me journalistically, and I am thankful for it. Heck, I almost landed a print contribution in The New York Times by compiling a list of reactions to Hugo Chavez's death last week.

No one told me to do that, but I did it anyway. Those little things, or little wonders, rather, will be the difference between a paid internship and a full-time job next year.

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