Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Front Page

1A. It is an elusive little bugger. Two and half years into journalism and it has not happened on any level: high school, college or professional. But I am not worried.

Last night, I applied for a winter internship at (go figure) and I did not receive it, which I treated with indifference. I did not expect to get it, but I apply for any and every journalism opportunity. And maybe the front page works the same way.

I have had stories that could have made the grandeur that is 1A, but it has not happened and it is okay. The front page is like a side ladder for journalism, its nice if one climbs it, but it does not make me any less of a journalist. If anything, without a front-page story, I have worked harder within my stories.

A couple weeks ago, I did an interview in a dog cage, for example. I can only continue to work hard and let the pieces fall where they may. If I am blessed with the front page, it will be the result of faith and hard work.

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