Saturday, September 15, 2012

Brought to Life

In high school, I was terrible at time management. I would say yes to every opportunity (sound familiar?), but some kind of work would be less than quality in the process.

Now my time management is almost too good. Every day it is one assignment after another; whether its 20 minutes of studying for a test two weeks away or an internship application that is not due for another month.

And the latter may work in my favor for a winter internship, which I have coveted since I knew journalism would be my career path. It usually lasts and month and only a few outlets have them, but I may land one as early as next week.

I am busier than ever, but I seem to have more time for what is important (family, friends, etc) because I make it all count. And yeah, I am that guy in the suit to the right if you have not guessed already.

It is an enlightening experience - "a heart of numbness, gets brought to
life - I'll take you there."

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