Friday, July 13, 2012

Part of Me

Wow. To say that I have been busy the last month and a half or so would be a complete understatement.

I have worked five day weeks, six day weeks and even work away from work, if that makes sense.

But it is all out of passion. The high stress, high intensity that journalism brings is intense, but prepares me for the professional world.

I have done everything from Hurricane Andrew audio to synchronized swimming - and I am not done yet.

You see, beyond journalism, is a moral obligation to do good. Drop a dollar in a collection basket, volunteer or at the least, hold a door open on the way out of a store.

Sleep-deprived? Stressed? No problem. I will be there when called upon.

Its a passion that will extend to all areas of my life, one way or another.

A part of me that will never change, but morph, transform rather, into something greater.

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