Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Fighter

No, this is not another Kelly Clarkson reference (try Gym Class Heroes) to start a blog post, but rather, a call to action.

At this point in my life - and beyond journalism - it will be a daily grind on all fronts; be it college, work or social life.

This means sticking to standards, but at the same time allowing leeway for other opportunities. Life happens, often times without a plan, which means adapting and thriving. Fighting, in a sense, to work harder and commit longer.

It is a delicate balance, one difficult to manage, but usually worthwhile. So how can I improve?

Start with this. That video link sums up life rather sadly, but it allows the viewer to shed some perspective. More than likely, something along the lines of "Why was I complaining today?" or "Why am I not doing this?"

I have said this far too often, but I will continue to work harder each and every day.

"This one's a fighter...that's what they'll say of me, say of me."

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