Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Not Good Enough (Yet)

I am not good enough, I need to work harder.

More than a week into The New York Times Student Journalism Institute and I have had a series of tests thrown at me - breaking news on a Sunday, long-term stories, photography and the like.

However, I need to do more. That means seeking every journalism opportunity every day, mastering weaknesses and writing.

I probably sound like Tim Tebow after his loss to Ole Miss, but it eventually led him to a National Championship.

Expect a reenergized, refocused and harder working individual upon my return to South Florida.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Just a Touch of the Fire...

Burning so bright.

It's crunch time. Summer's here, but also a host of important decisions ahead.

Goals will start to looks more like reality over the next weeks - New Orleans, a possible college transfer and potential journalism opportunities.

I'm ready for the next step; a definite challenge forthcoming.

On an important side note, May 6th marks 11 years with Juvenile Diabetes. Each year becomes growth, looking at my eating patterns and determining the best course of action.

I can sense good change on the horizon, whether I like it for not. An impending appointment with a new endocrinologist, enjoying summer and more and more journalism.

Also, with all the story pitch emails I've sent lately, I'm due for a byline. (or I'd like to think so.)

Either way, I'll keep trying - just touching the fire is enough to ignite a flame.