Sunday, March 25, 2012

Stand A Little Taller

I use the words "youngest" and "only" alot. Often, it means I am probably the youngest to complete a certain feat at only a certain age. However, I need to work harder.
I find myself venturing towards opportunities which seem years away, but I want them now. I will continue to aspire to greater goals, even though it may be seen as far-fetched. 

How can I do more? Making an extra effort, which is easy to say after driving more than 150 miles this past weekend (and waking up early, legit - 6 a.m.). 

I scour the web daily for journalism opportunities - I have four free months between the end of the spring semester and fall. My goal is have it all booked up. I send three to four followup emails, continue to shadow journalists and send story pitches. 

However, its not good enough. I need to extend my reach - and stand a little taller. 

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