Sunday, March 25, 2012

Stand A Little Taller

I use the words "youngest" and "only" alot. Often, it means I am probably the youngest to complete a certain feat at only a certain age. However, I need to work harder.
I find myself venturing towards opportunities which seem years away, but I want them now. I will continue to aspire to greater goals, even though it may be seen as far-fetched. 

How can I do more? Making an extra effort, which is easy to say after driving more than 150 miles this past weekend (and waking up early, legit - 6 a.m.). 

I scour the web daily for journalism opportunities - I have four free months between the end of the spring semester and fall. My goal is have it all booked up. I send three to four followup emails, continue to shadow journalists and send story pitches. 

However, its not good enough. I need to extend my reach - and stand a little taller. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Climbing Faith

It really takes some climbing faith to be an aspiring journalist - I've mentioned the rejection emails in the past, but my faith is too strong to let anything deter my ultimate goal.

As April draws near, its that time of the year again - decision letters - this time from a host of organizations for a variety of different activities. I am always looking to better myself, whether its a cell phone or a college.

The reason why faith is so important is because of the opportunities faith brings. I just know when open door closes, another door or even a window will open. Having faith is key though, even when something seems improbable.

I think I could do anything and everything - through faith. It may not happen right away, but I'll continue to better myself with a climbing faith.

"No mountains too high for you to climb, all you have to do, is have some climbing faith." (Sound familiar?)