Friday, February 3, 2012


I need to get less predictable with my blog titles, which is usually an allusion to a song - so I'll start with an anecdote.

I had my last appointment with my childhood endocrinologist this week; I didn't see it coming - much like some things in life. Ever since diagnosed with diabetes at age eight, it has been the once-every-three-month appointment - making adjustments to live a better lifestyle. Now, it'll be someone new.

Its time for the next breaking point, the point where strength serves as a model to better others. I was helped - so I will continue as a helper.

Now, back to the title. Kelly Clarkson serves as an inspiration for many - she's the type of person that quiets the naysayers, critics and the like. Weight gain? She took it in stride.

What makes Ms. Clarkson serve as a motivator is the tenacity for growth in the face of opposition. Its this ability I will emulate to become stronger - even when its unexpected. Sometimes the unexpected is a great opportunity lurking about.

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