Friday, December 23, 2011

Build It Again

Looking back on my last couple blog posts, the vast majority take on a underlying movie or music theme.

This one is a movie I haven't seen, "Machine Gun Preacher," however, the trailer (and the eventual release on Blu-Ray, which I'll be sure to rent) looked captivating enough to use in this blog post.

Part of the trailer shows the main character calling his wife when the opposition blows up a orphanage intended for Sudanese children. His wife's response - "get off your butt and built it again."

From a journalism point of view, I take it as a point of improvement. 750-word news article? Try a 2,000 word feature and when you're done with that, attempt a 8,000 word investigative piece. My thought process motivates me to do better - there is always a higher point.

So as I venture into the new year, I won't settle for covering a concert or writing a basic news story, I want the deadline-crunching, risky off-the-wall feature, which may or may not pay off. One of my first blog posts mentioned covering the 2014 World Cup in Brazil - the goal hasn't changed, neither has any of the other journalism goals I have.

I'm ready to built it again - and much better than the first as well.

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