Sunday, November 27, 2011

Better Days

I used to loathe Wednesdays, it was always historically report card day in grade school or the stress-filled, nothing going as planned day of the week. However, I treat Wednesdays just like every other day now because it was actually on a Wednesday I recieved the monumental journalism opportunity to cover a music cruise.

When I realized that, I embraced Wednesday's, sent the same emails, took the same chances and worked just as hard. It may sound silly, but I needed the validation. Not every day could be perfect, I realize that, but I have to live life like there is always a tomorrow.

That's why I'd work on my birthday or cover a concert the night before Thanksgiving, opportunity doesn't take a break. I still have a huge to-do list, especially with the semester coming to a close, but I still want to do everything and anything.

I will give my time, effort and dedication to every moment - because its toward better days.

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