Sunday, July 17, 2011

Casting Call

By now, you should know that my blog post headlines is the theme I'll talk about in each post.

Well, no euphemism here -- I actually took part in a casting call -- for ABC's "Charlie's Angels" today.

I do not expect to become a Academy Award winner, much less an extra on a TV series, but journalism has given me the confidence to try anything. Minus the two hour wait in line, I enjoyed the experience.

This upcoming week is huge -- a possible college decision reversal (if granted enough financial aid), an Orlando wedding and a few journalism assignments.

Then I am off to the Steel City, Pittsburgh, PA for a journalism workshop at Point Park University. It'll be a bittersweet ending, five high school journalism workshops in two summers. I am blessed to have traveled the country and done so much, well domestic journalism.

I may want more journalism work, but patience is key.

I spoke with a photographer at the Sade with John Legend concert last night and I'll end with what he said, "that just means another door will open."

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