Thursday, June 23, 2011

Who knows what the tide could bring?

I do -- a 783-word story, the good word of a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and being interiewed by NPR Alabama.

When I first arrived in Tuscaloosa, I was hungry (no, not for journalism at the moment, really hungry.) I had just gotten off a 23-hour bus ride, eaten the same foods for lunch and dinner (reheated Greyhound fried chicken) and was tired.

However, when I was driven to breakfast, I saw the "destruction," to say the least. Two days later, in 100-plus degree heat, I took a moment to stop and absorb what my eyes were focused on in front of me.

Rubble, a sense of nothingness and a community trying to rebuild.

I needed this type of journalism, where emotions run high and stories become more than stories. Two news briefs (one published in Alabama's college newspaper) and one extensive story later, I am still learning.

Water has to flow again.

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