Saturday, June 11, 2011

There is no stopping you

I recently realized something; I'll always have a to-do list. Even when it seems like I'm dwindling it down, I will add another task.

That's okay though; there are always things that need to be done rather than have to be done, part of my high school graduation speech this past week.

With that said, I really should get some sleep but tomorrow (give or take five hours), I'll embark on a six state, four flight and one 23-hour bus ride trip to two universities for two weeks. First up, a three-day workshop at Marshall University; followed by a nine-day workshop at the University of Alabama.

I am in for quite a road trip and I am looking forward to finally getting some much needed reading done on my Kindle.

There really is no stopping me and when I return I hope that I land an internship in New York that happened to be the slogan in my title.

Double-meaning? Yeah.


  1. yoo i've been following your writings; way to land an awesome trip around the US! (well almost). kepp up the good work man, and post more whenever you can!

  2. Thanks for reading Tom, hope you have a great senior year.