Monday, May 9, 2011

Ten years

The last decade with Diabetes has been a rite of passage for me.

Looking back, I have many people to thank -- family, friends and God.

I recently looked at an old picture of me from 2001 that happened to be in the Neighbors section of the Miami Herald. It was family night at McDonald's; the third grade class at Greynolds Park Elementary School.

May 6, 2011 marked 10 years with Juvenile Diabetes--a milestone within itself. Who knew that ten years later I would be writing for that very same section in The Miami Herald?

I have plenty to be thankful for; writing gives me a voice that encompasses my life. As the school year winds down, I am trying to land a top-tier internship in New York, as well as a couple journalism workshops.

Here is to 10 (and many) more healthy and prosperous years.


  1. Hi Anthony,
    Did you write the organic article to outloud?
    A couple of typos caught my eye

    ‘Organic’ means that 95 percent of the ingredients is organic and ‘made with organic ingredients’ means that the product has 70 percent or less of organic ingredients. Likewise, if a product contains less than 70 percent organic ingredients, only the ingredients can be listed on the side of the product.

    typos: unimportant
    ingredients is (are)
    ‘made with organic ingredients’ means that the product has 70 percent or less (more)

    You should have an editor who catches these things, since you don't, you'll need to be more careful re-reading things before you submit them. As a writer, any typos at all will reflect badly on you. Nice article, though ... don't mean to be critical!


    p.s. feel free to delete this, I wasn't sure how else to write you

  2. Thanks for your note Sage,
    As an aspiring journalist, I should catch these errors and not have to rely on an editor. Thanks for reading my blog.

  3. This blog post is AWESOME! I want my college students at the University of Alabama to read this one. We're S--O blessed to have you as part of our workshops this summer. This post has inspired me to release a blog that I have been working on irregularly since last summer. Don't sweat the typos. I'm very guilty of that on my own page. But, Sage is correct, you do want to try to catch as many as you can.

  4. Thanks for your kind words Dr. Daniels,
    I did not see this post earlier. I enjoyed the Skype conversation with the University of Idaho journalism workshop students and your video editing classes during The Long Weekend.

    I've been blessed with all that I've accomplished during the short time that I've been at UA. I owe it to you, Professor Cummings and the entire TLW and MJW staff.

    Thanks for reading (and feel free to send me a video of your students reading my blog!)