Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's resolutions..or not

I liked 2010.

Certain actions and decisions made me a stronger person. Oh, the signing of LeBron James was also nice as well. Not for the newspaper or the city in the picture to the right, but it certainly had an adverse effect across the NBA.

My favorite moment of 2010 was my summer. Three journalism workshops in eight weeks was mind-boggling but helped me determine my career path. I was tempted to take a job over winter break, but decided not to, I might have over-stressed myself, if that's possible.

2011 looks bright. High school graduation, impending dream college (cough..UM) acceptance and the transition into another portion of my life.

There could be many lasts this year, or not, depending on where I decide to go to college.

Resolutions don't usually work but I'd like to swim 20 laps every day. In other news, for those that have been reading my articles, thank you.

This month I should be in full gear with manageable commitments and I am looking forward to it.

Stay tuned!

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