Saturday, January 22, 2011

The best week of far.

Normally I wouldn't have a VH1 related picture as part of my blog but the best way to describe this week is to label it as "The Best Week Ever," or in this case, what the title says above.

With only three school days, two three day weekends and the NFL playoffs, the bar was set very high to start the week.

On Tuesday, I had $150 seats to the Heat vs. Hawks game. Instead of getting wrapped up in the overtime loss(Bosh was out), I was focused on networking. I met Eric Reid and Micky Arison, with little(alot at first) hesitation when walking up with my business card to meet them.

Then Thursday to Saturday would start a jam-packed three day stretch. Thursday night I covered the Linkin Park concert for Outloud, Friday I had a Columbia College interview, and today, well, was another Heat game.

Tomorrow will be a grand finale, the AFC and NFC Championship games. Like I said before, I'd like the Bears to win and the Steelers by default.

Stay tuned!

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