Monday, November 15, 2010


Like the latest Denzel Washington film, my life can be summed up as unstoppable.

In the last week alone, I started freelancing for two other publications, a blessing indeed. Before you wonder if I'm crazy for freelancing for an X number (5) of publications along with school and other extracurriculars, it is called freelancing for a reason, as in the assignments I do are up to me.

Still though, I'm back to controllable busy with college applications long and gone. There is plenty to do and enough time to it, fortunately, whether its sports spreads in Yearbook or writing a story in Newspaper. My writing still needs work(for those who are reading this as the grammar police I know), which is why I continue to write everyday.

I'm young, energetic and always ready for the next challenge. Although, I don't plan on encountering a speeding train anytime soon. (By the way, another excellent Washington film.)

Stay tuned!

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