Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chilean Miners

Chile's freedom is also red, white and blue.

I'm going to try to keep this particular blog post to be about as little of my life as possible. Why? I'm just not that important today, or any day for that matter. There are higher powers when you look at the things from a broader viewpoint that really make you think and put things in perspective.

Today, after 69 days, all 33 Chilean miners were rescued. As I sat in a Cuban restaurant this evening, I watched CNN en espanol, which I have to say, even though I only speak English, really captures the emotion unlike anything else.

It is great reading a story like this with all the news lately. If it's not someone getting killed, fired, arrested, or any of the in-betweens, most news(yes I will admit this as a journalist) is negative. This type of story lifts up the heart and makes you stop and think about your own life.

To sidetrack a little bit, I'm still busy with senior activities, but I would never miss something like this. Perhaps the best thing I read in a while, the Chilean President, Sebastian Pinera, said the following quote(which I'll end with).

"Your shift is over, Mr. Urzua."

^Now that's something.

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