Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Three and out

Like the sports reference above, I will make this post quick.

I've been so busy with stories, clubs, assignments, what have you the last six days that while I'm writing this I'm still thinking about what I have to do after. My Multimedia Club starts next week so I must prep for that interest meeting, oh and I also have college recommendations, 2 websites, 2 other assignments, and several stories to write.

I am working on a couple sports related functions as well, I have to say that after I graduate from high school, I will leave quite a mark. Even as things get more busy and hectic, I still find time to screen movies, as I saw "Easy A" last night, which will make the cover of Teenlink tomorrow.

I still find time to hang out on the weekends, and I'm coming along well with my college apps. I guess it is the sleep deprivation of a journalist that adds to stress, but like journalism as a whole, it is the type of stress I want to have, all the time.

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