Monday, September 20, 2010

Off to the races

A great way to start the week.

Well technically, the week started yesterday, so with that I'll start off by saying what a great win by the Miami Dolphins. The defense was absolutely outstanding, the offense needs work but Revis Island is out two weeks, so that's a nice break for Miami.

Today was the first Multimedia Club meeting, the turnout was great, a small, close-knit group of students that I'm looking forward to working with. There are quite a few TV Production students but they're on top of their game and I'm looking forward to everyone combining their skills into creating "The Storm."

I had another byline in the Miami Herald Aventura section this past Friday, honestly, I don't know where I have to time to do all this writing. I will be covering "The Social Network" tomorrow as the weekly movie screening is something I can get used to. In the past I used to get those free movie screenings online, but I'm moving up in the world.

I am still working on other things as well this week, a couple of in-depth stories will have some updates soon, so I am looking forward to the turnout on those stories. College applications are time consuming, lengthy and worry-some at times, but I believe it is important to never doubt yourself.

With that, I'm off to the races again. I have a Physics conclusion, AP English summary and a couple briefs to write, but they're all writing so you get the idea of how that will go.

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