Sunday, September 5, 2010

A labor-less weekend (sort of)

When I wasn't working on college applications or studying for the September 11th ACT and October 9th SAT, my weekend was pretty labor-less.

I don't consider writing stories as work, since it is my passion, but how I wrote the essays were quite Ellinsonian (for those that have Mr. Kelly, they'll understand), as I wrote them in seemingly a stream of consciousness.

Anyway, there isn't much else to report. Sources have still not gotten back to me on developing stories but I hope get that done this week, especially with a light week. I was published in Teen-link print this week, something I didn't know about until someone told me. I guess when you're working so hard you forget to see what you've accomplished.

Since everything is online these days, I forget to check print, but it's a good thing all the college apps are online because print is so print. I must be too accustomed to the digital, high-tech on your phone type news.

Anyway, ironically I expect to be doing some Labor on Labor Day tomorrow, but I'll definitely get a chance to sleep-in, a rare luxury as a journalist.

Stay tuned!

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