Thursday, August 5, 2010

The wonderful world of bylines!

I've been just as busy as I was when this summer began and this week has marked some major accomplishments for me.

I started working for Crusty Europe, which sponsors all the top FMX riders around the world. My first day of work was on Wednesday, as I interviewed Robbie Maddison(yes the New Years Eve guy pictured to the right). It was a great experience talking to him and I am currently working on writing his story for

I got my first byline on that website on Wednesday but I'm looking forward to the readers I get on the story with Robbie.

Backtracking to Monday, I got my first Miami Herald story published! If that's not enough, my 2nd Miami Herald story just got published yesterday and I am working on a 3rd as we speak. The link to the story is here.

Anyway, as the summer comes to a close I'd really just like to say thanks to people who have been following my work. The rate I'm going at I will have a byline everyday this week, as my "The Other Guys" movie review is going up online either today or tomorrow(movie was excellent by the way).

I also took a small break and watched "Brooklyn's Finest," which was surprisingly good. It is back to work tomorrow then a Montage Reunion BBQ on Saturday.

Stay tuned!

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