Sunday, August 1, 2010

Vacation is all I ever needed!

I finally took a vacation!

That is the reasoning behind me not posting anything for over a week. To recap, the UM Luncheon was a little sad, but there is a reunion BBQ this Saturday that I am attending. I wasn't happy that I missed two other Montage related parties on Friday and Saturday, but this upcoming Saturday I will definitely be there.

My cruise on the Celebrity Solstice was a great experience, the ship is so modern and definitely appeals to everyone from ages 6 to 66. The food was stellar minus a few mishaps in the Thai department.

Tomorrow starts my busy work week..again. I love going nonstop as a journalist as I have a 10am meeting to start a 6 week internship with a international sports company followed by a 4pm meeting at the Miami Herald. Tuesday is more of the same, as I will be writing a review on "The Other Guys."

My journalism summer continues, so stay tuned!

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