Monday, August 30, 2010

Breaking News Journalism: My Favorite

To elaborate on what I discussed yesterday, the Aventura Mall incident is apparently a big thing over at The Miami Herald.

I got the print contribution in the Local & State section of the paper, and the Herald also had another piece on security concerns being planned this week. You can read that article here.

On Sunday, to finish up my weekend, I did some more journalism, which shouldn't be a surprise.

I spent most of the afternoon gathering information for the print story of the Aventura Mall scene. I have to say that most people I talked to were rude, but with that kind of news I should expect nothing less.

I am working on a couple of other stories involving all the circulating news. From the mosque in New York to Facebook places, it is definitely a busy news season. Things like what happened in Aventura this weekend rarely happens, if ever.

If anything, hopefully some good will come of that situation. Stay tuned, I have plenty to news to report on in the future.

"Better days are going to get better."

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