Friday, July 9, 2010

Days 4 and 5 at UM and Miami Thrice!!

Work, Work, Work. Done, Done, Done.

Today has been a complete working day, and I am still working as I write this. I am about 90% done with my first Miami Montage story. I was also assigned two stories for Outloud today, one of which I complete already while at UM.

I have another story due on Wednesday for another publication and yeah, things just keep going. Best news of the summer occurred at 9:27 PM last night, Miami Thrice!

This weekend will be a busy one, but I love the experiences I have endured here. I have already had five interviews over the phone, and I have over 13 sources. Being a complete journalist really does that passion, and I have that.

I am currently watching the Heat party at the AAA which started at 8. Lebroward, I'm in Miami Bosh, Wade County, Miami Thrice? I think the last one sounds the best.

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