Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 18 at the UM Summer Journalism Workshop and a Day 19 Preview

Video editing and the Herald.

Day 18 of my UM Journalism High School Workshop was another typical long day, but it ended up being the longest of the workshop.

Getting up at 7am for the 19th straight day is never fun, but like I told a friend on Facebook, I'd do it everyday.

At the Miami Herald, we took a tour of the newspaper distribution process and plating, which was great to see. The newsroom was typical, but the afternoon news meeting was very informative. It was great knowing what was going to be on the front cover of today's paper without having to guess.

Lunch was better than Chartwells and the guest speakers were very helpful. Dan Grech, the WLRN guy at the Herald, has somewhat sparked my interest in telling a story through the media of radio.

When we got back from the Herald, it was back to the Mac labs to finish editing videos. I was there until 1:30am, which must be some sort of Miami Montage record. It was nothing new for me, I love kicking things into overdrive when it involves journalism.

As the last full day of the workshop progresses, emotions will fly into the morning and the concluding luncheon tomorrow. This experience has been amazing, and my journalism summer still continues thereafter.

After tomorrow's luncheon, July 25th-August 1st will be spent on a one week cruise, a slight rest. After that is a six week internship, and a possible job with a community newspaper among other things.

I'll get into that later on though, stay tuned.

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