Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 13 at the UM Summer Journalism Workshop: WSVN-7 Studios!


After breakfast a bus left at 9am to drive us to North Bay Village, home of WSVN-Channel 7 Studios.

I got to sit in the control room during a live broadcast, which was incredible. Seeing how fast people responded when a segment lasted too long and to count down seconds before each segment was amazing to watch. I took pictures on the "Deco Drive" set and watched the anchors talk live from just a few feet away.

I shook hands with James Ansin, one of the founders of the workshop and listened to people, from advertising to Public Relations, within Channel 7. Television isn't really my thing, but it's great to see that writing is the core for all aspects of communications.

I love to write but I am now leaning towards majoring in multimedia journalism, it combines my love of writing with my skills in multimedia, which is sure to help me more down the line rather than limiting myself to writing.

I will be taking photos in the Miami Herald office tomorrow, I know some people there, but I want to know everyone, and very soon.

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