Friday, July 23, 2010

Interview with Father Reginald Jean-Mary from the Notre Dame D'Haiti Cat...

One of the best things about being a journalist, it having your work come alive, literally. Streamed for you below is a video I did out in Little Haiti of Father Reginald Jean-Mary from the Notre Dame D'Haiti Catholic church. I don't do many multimedia packages so please comment or let me know your thoughts!

Day 18 at the UM Summer Journalism Workshop and a Day 19 Preview

Video editing and the Herald.

Day 18 of my UM Journalism High School Workshop was another typical long day, but it ended up being the longest of the workshop.

Getting up at 7am for the 19th straight day is never fun, but like I told a friend on Facebook, I'd do it everyday.

At the Miami Herald, we took a tour of the newspaper distribution process and plating, which was great to see. The newsroom was typical, but the afternoon news meeting was very informative. It was great knowing what was going to be on the front cover of today's paper without having to guess.

Lunch was better than Chartwells and the guest speakers were very helpful. Dan Grech, the WLRN guy at the Herald, has somewhat sparked my interest in telling a story through the media of radio.

When we got back from the Herald, it was back to the Mac labs to finish editing videos. I was there until 1:30am, which must be some sort of Miami Montage record. It was nothing new for me, I love kicking things into overdrive when it involves journalism.

As the last full day of the workshop progresses, emotions will fly into the morning and the concluding luncheon tomorrow. This experience has been amazing, and my journalism summer still continues thereafter.

After tomorrow's luncheon, July 25th-August 1st will be spent on a one week cruise, a slight rest. After that is a six week internship, and a possible job with a community newspaper among other things.

I'll get into that later on though, stay tuned.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 15 and 16 at the UM Journalism Workshop and a Day 17 Preview

Producing multimedia packages are easier said than done.

When I watched Steve Johnson at FSPA a few months ago, I thought doing a multimedia package would be easy, but that's not the case. Even though the work load on video editing is tedious at times, I love producing multimedia.

The future of journalism relies on multimedia and that's what I did for most of day 15 at the UM Journalism Workshop.

Day 16 was spent at the Sun-Sentinel office in Downtown Ft. Lauderdale. While the building looked very modern, the newsroom was a classic 1950s type environment with little cubicles and short, stubby computers and keyboards.

My youth editor from Teenlink South Florida spoke to us as well. It is nice having a connection before going to a place.

That will be the case tomorrow as we are visiting The Miami Herald. They are ordering lunch for us, which will be pretty cool to see how journalists eat, which is definitely not at Chartwells(UM's dining hall, pictured to the right), which has been the butt of jokes for the last few days here at UM.

Today will be spent strictly video editing. I will also be taking a small visit to do some B-roll at a store in the mall. It will be nice to pay a rare visit to where I live, which I don't see the likes of until August.

My journalism summer continues and I love it!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 14/15 preview at the UM Journalism Workshop: Inception!

When the first social activity takes place in the workshop, anything can be going wrong and it still ends up being amazing.

Everything was running on all cylinders though as Day 14 progressed. Waking up at 7am, I spent about an hour in El Portal photographing Nadege Charles as the art for my story on her. Most of the pages are laid out, which is nice to know, because that could mean more free time, which is always nice.

I learned alot from FIU professor Dr. Fred Blevens about headlines. I thought headlines were a simple, five minute thing, but that wasn't the case at all. I finished laying out my assigned page and I am looking forward to doing another when we proof pages today.

I love it here at UM, the campus, the food(it's not as bad as everyone says it is), and just the overall surroundings.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 13 at the UM Summer Journalism Workshop: WSVN-7 Studios!


After breakfast a bus left at 9am to drive us to North Bay Village, home of WSVN-Channel 7 Studios.

I got to sit in the control room during a live broadcast, which was incredible. Seeing how fast people responded when a segment lasted too long and to count down seconds before each segment was amazing to watch. I took pictures on the "Deco Drive" set and watched the anchors talk live from just a few feet away.

I shook hands with James Ansin, one of the founders of the workshop and listened to people, from advertising to Public Relations, within Channel 7. Television isn't really my thing, but it's great to see that writing is the core for all aspects of communications.

I love to write but I am now leaning towards majoring in multimedia journalism, it combines my love of writing with my skills in multimedia, which is sure to help me more down the line rather than limiting myself to writing.

I will be taking photos in the Miami Herald office tomorrow, I know some people there, but I want to know everyone, and very soon.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 11 at the UM Journalism Workshop and Day 12 Plans

Getting up early and declining invitations to Rapids Water Park, two months ago, I would have laughed at that.

Someone up above must be laughing now though, as my journalism career is in full force. This whole summer has been dedicated to journalism, from photography to web design. I've written many stories, started this blog which you're reading(hopefully), and I worked on designing a college web site for the 4th largest school district in the United States(Miami-Dade County, I want to say Wade County but that wouldn't be "professional.")

I spent yesterday in North Miami Beach, I was somewhat in my roots, just a few minutes away from home. I photographed two Haitians who lost loved ones in the earthquake and almost got a second video story as Haitian truck drivers took a lunch break in the background of the interview.

Picture day was today, I was a little overdressed in a suit, but I like to do things right, which means doing it completely. Years from now when someone asks, "Who's that kid in a suit?" someone will reply, "That's Anthony Cave, he works for the (Insert top newspaper here)." Later today, I will be filming in Cutler Bay, a city I don't frequent often so I will be looking forward to that.

Time has flied(I don't like the cliche either, but it's there) with only nine days left here at UM. I will continue to give my all, and nothing less.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Days 9 and 10 at UM Journalism Workshop, and a World Cup Recap

Hitting the home stretch.

The last two days at the University of Miami's Journalism Workshop have been really good. I played around with some different forms of media yesterday and I adapted to it fairly quickly. The different parts of a camera are quite easy to pick up on, as I learned how to set up a tripod and shoot freehand. I am working on pitching a second story idea to my editor, which relates to the documentary Soledad O'Brian did on Haiti called "Rescued."

It really is something else when interviewing sources and having them describe their experiences in Haiti. Your human side tends to conflict with your journalism side, which is something all journalists must learn to balance in tough situations. Food has still be good. They finally switched up the choice today with meatballs instead of chicken, you can't go wrong with free.

Friday will be spent at WSVN studios in North Bay Village. I am really looking forward to that as well as the photography assignments I have on Wednesday and Thursday. I don't really have experience with broadcasting but I may end up liking it, journalism at first wasn't the best thing in the world, but now it is.

The future looks bright, I love the core writing and the ability to create multimedia packages. It's like a modifying word, it just makes everything better.

*World Cup*
Spain 1, Netherlands 0:
Excellent final, Spain's ball possession and articulate passing proved the difference over the Dutch. They really look poised to make a run in Brazil in 2014, the new logo looks really nice by the way(posted above). Brazil is the host country and should win, but then again alot of teams can make a run for the finish.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 8 UM Journalism Workshop

Grind it out mode, all day.

I started by waking up at 7:30 as I ate breakfast before heading off to North Miami. I attended mass at Notre Dame D' Haiti in Little Haiti and talked to churchgoers before an interview with Father Reginald Jean-Mary. It was a wonderful experience, as everyone question I asked him was on the spot, nothing was planned.

Food always takes a hit on the weekend, so I will just say it was halfway decent, usually it is very good during the week.

After a nice Thai lunch, the World Cup was on. I am happy Spain won, as they were my original Cup favorites.

Looking forward to working on other aspects of journalism starting tomorrow as well as getting stronger as a journalist by reading and writing everyday.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Days 6 and 7 at UM Summer Journalism Workshop

Got a lot done.

I completed 3 stories, and I am hoping to get another one to write tomorrow. UM is wonderful, from the coastal breezes to everything looking so magnificent on the water.

I hope the food stays on point like it has been the past week, but Sunday the dining hall is closed.

Looking forward to covering Sunday mass tomorrow and what the next week brings with photo and video aspects to the workshop.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Days 4 and 5 at UM and Miami Thrice!!

Work, Work, Work. Done, Done, Done.

Today has been a complete working day, and I am still working as I write this. I am about 90% done with my first Miami Montage story. I was also assigned two stories for Outloud today, one of which I complete already while at UM.

I have another story due on Wednesday for another publication and yeah, things just keep going. Best news of the summer occurred at 9:27 PM last night, Miami Thrice!

This weekend will be a busy one, but I love the experiences I have endured here. I have already had five interviews over the phone, and I have over 13 sources. Being a complete journalist really does that passion, and I have that.

I am currently watching the Heat party at the AAA which started at 8. Lebroward, I'm in Miami Bosh, Wade County, Miami Thrice? I think the last one sounds the best.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Days 3 and 4 at the UM Journalism Workshop

Two stories, two deadlines, many things to do.

During the last two days of my UM Journalism Workshop have been spent getting stories assigned and doing loads of research. I also have another story to revise for a publication. I love the pressure though, I know I will get it done regardless especially with my work ethic.

The food the last two days have been great so it has been an upward slope and you can hold me to that. The food is of great variety and is full of flavor, I enjoy it.

Looking forward to see how the week progresses as I have to do some phone interviews tomorrow as first drafts are due soon.

I guess it is all about the "U," pun intended.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 2 at UM Journalism Workshop

Right on point.

The 2nd day of my UM Journalism Workshop was everything I expected and more. Waking up at a reasonable time(7am, it may seem terrible but when you're a journalist you'll understand) and eating good meals throughout the day.

The day consisted of 2 guest speakers which broadened my mind to which story ideas I want to focus on for Miami Montage. I established some connections and received positive feedback.

I was happy with my performance, I wasn't close to 100 percent yesterday, probably of combination of being sick(literally) and tired.

Tomorrow is a longer day but I'm up for anything. Journalism is my passion and I will continue to showcase that.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 1 at UM/MOCA Photojournalism Recap

Tired, annoying, demanding, but I loved it.

Day 1 at my University of Miami Journalism Workshop was intense. After I checked in, it was right off to the races as I was introduced to Professor Colon as well as the room advisers.

We spent most of the day brainstorming for the theme of the workshop, Haitian people in South Florida after the earthquake, I always enjoy brainstorming and having people like my ideas.

Lunch and dinner is an upward slope, I see it getting better tomorrow when the dining hall opens, but don't quote me on that.

The last day of the MOCA Photojournalism Institute was bittersweet as there was a party in the last hour. I thoroughly enjoyed that class and might take up(time permitting) the Journalism and Photo Fall Courses at MOCA on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Overall, a pretty solid start as I am looking forward to the week ahead.