Tuesday, June 29, 2010





One of the best things about being a journalist is what is posted above, stories with my names on them!

Above is two of my published movie reviews, "The Karate Kid" and "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse." I also have a story on the Google vs. China battle, and many more to come as I continue to write everyday!

My photojournalism class at MOCA was wonderful today, took pictures along South Beach, even though the heat was unbearable. Keep looking out for more of my work, this is just the beginning!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 5 at UF Summer Journalism Institute

I've gotten very little sleep, but the last full day of this workshop was great.

I'm so sick of Gator Dining so there is no use explaining how the food was. After I finished my feature story in the writing session, I began walking across campus to find a news story, it ended up being a brief but minus some verb errors it was very well written.

I've now realized I'll need some serious equipment that is Mac related, so I'm hoping to get a Macbook soon among other things(Final Cut Pro, DSLR Camera, etc). I need to be a complete journalist, as soon as possible.

The only issue I have with my writing is not having it ordered. My AP Style is solid as well as my journalism fundamentals like the lede being 35 words or less and what have you. That is definitely something I'll need to work on to improve my aspiring career in journalism, as I believe writing is the core of journalism(for now at least).

Looking forward to getting back to Miami today, I have an editing workshop with Teenlink, MOCA Photojournalism class, and a online story due all on Friday.

On a sports note, what a win by the USA. FIFA really needs to evaluate their referees(Dempsey 1st half goal called back), but looking forward to the US playing Ghana on Saturday. Ghana is the last African nation in the World Cup, so the place will be crazy with those annoying Vuvuzelas.

My journalism summer continues after I get back at 11pm tonight, unfortunately, sleep doesn't accompany that.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 4 at the UF Summer Journalism Institute

Pretty awesome. Today was a great day.

Breakfast wasn't bad to start the day, and the class sessions were good as well, got some good input on a feature story I wrote.

Lunch wasn't bad, and the afternoon session featured the veteran Mike Foley, he really knew his stuff, but who wouldn't when working at the St. Pete Times for 30 years.

The Question and Answer session on colleges were great, now I have some insight on narrowing down which colleges I want to go to.

The evening featured a scavenger hunt, which is cool because after running across the UF campus, I won't have to walk to breakfast or the afternoon session tomorrow, taking the shuttle! Those walks seemed unbearable.

Tomorrow is the last full day, looking forward to closing out my trip and seeing what is else is on tap.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 3 at UF Summer Journalism Institute

Solid. Today went well during day 3 of the UF Summer Journalism Institute. The speakers were great and I established some key connections there, I have learned more this summer than my first two years of high school it seems.

Breakfast wasn't bad, lunch and dinner were surprisingly good as well. The only con was walking about 10 blocks in the rain to the Alligator news room which seems to be on the other side of town.

Looking forward to tomorrow, on the schedule is a campus tour, hopefully the weather clears up.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 2 at UF Summer Journalism Institute

Much much better, that's how today went during Day 2 of my Summer Journalism Institute at UF.

Starting the day by waking up at my own lesiurely pace is always a plus, I won't have that luxury for the next 4 days, so I savored it.

I woke up at 9am, showered, went downstairs and watched the first half of Italy vs New Zealand, I missed breakfast which was optional(who would want to walk a mile and get up at the ungodly hour of 7:15am is beyond me). The guest speaker spoke after lunch, got a couple key resources for my multimedia relations with journalism.

The writing workshop was quite engaging today as well, you can find out a lot by googling someone. The afternoon talk with the SJI talk was very "innovative" and I had a great time with that as well.

Overall, it was a pretty A- day. (food was sub-par, but I won't complain)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Journalism Summer: Moca Week 1 Recap/1st day at UF Institute

Interesting. That's how I would describe my experience this past week. I started the week by attending a Photojournalism class at the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami, which runs from 1-5pm until July 2nd.

The class is very insightful, I have learned a lot so far, and my instructor appreciates my leadership skills as I headed a business discussion towards the conclusion of the week. There was also an assignment to cover the World Cup, which was a nice sports-related point of view, to cover the Mexico vs France game at a local shop on 125th.(Touche to Mexico for winning by the way, France was a disappointment)

Flash forward to Gainesville today, got up at 4:45am, and spend 9 hours eating reststop food, and transferring Greyhound buses before finally making it to UF at 2:30 for the Summer Journalism Institute which runs until June 24th.

I'd have to say that so far, I'm a little disappointed. My first writing session was spent doing icebreakers, which I wouldn't mind if my parents weren't paying $500($651 w/bus) to learn some journalism, not breaking the ice. The food didn't excite me either, some generic roasted chicken, not worth $100 a day.

So to wrap it up, things have been interesting, but we will see how things progress on all aspects.