Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Waiting Game

Games usually have a clear cut winner and loser. No one wants to play for third place (sorry Brazil), but rather, try their best and win.

But, waiting has no winner. I cannot control the outcome. There is no deadline or indication of progress, at least so far, either.

However, the end result could be glorious or the consequence of impatience. I struggle with waiting, I want to meet the woman of my dreams and secure a full-time job with benefits, like yesterday.

Still, I understand the glory that comes with it. I will appreciate the initial job offer even more after sending multiple resumes a day and follow-up emails to former editors. The same goes for a future significant other, as past failures will become the building blocks needed to thrive in that golden partnership.

Life is not supposed to be easy. The tea leaves are difficult to decipher too, as many South Florida sports fans found out this week.

It is my turn to roll - and, I will wait.

Sunday, May 25, 2014


Every time I watch "24," one thought pops up, how can I be as productive as Jack Bauer?

If my hours were as rigorous as the rogue, terrorist attack preventer, I would probably have a Pulitzer Prize by now.

All joking aside, my summer schedule, so far, has been going to class, doing phone interviews, reading through documents, taking working lunches and repeat. To frequent blog readers, I do not have any out-of-town trips planned.

It is just me, in South Florida, working.

My social media feeds are filled with sand, flip-flops and gobs of sunshine. Dress shirts, ties and lofty office windows complete my setting.

Nonetheless, there is a benefit to having a running clock. In the last month, I have learned how to make infographics using Photoshop, code a motion chart in Google Playground and weave in reporting tools like DocumentCloud.

I like a good challenge, too, a sense of pressure. So, naturally, I am balancing a couple tight deadlines between work and school. Not to mention sending at least a resume a day to a potential employer.

Every second counts.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ten Feet Tall

This year has been a waiting game so far. And, that is okay.

Patience is a skill I have not exactly mastered yet, as you have probably read from my pursuit of a "significant other" references in past blog posts. But, I have picked up proficiency with this characteristic recently.

Last week, after more than six months of worry, doubt and the like, I started my summer gig with Knight Foundation. My focus is data journalism; the icing on a cake I hope is filled with a full-time job, plus benefits, once I graduate in August.

Somewhere down the line, beyond the back and forth "what if?" thoughts before bedtime, I reached the point where I reduced the worry and devoted my energy to optimistic thoughts and actions, with God at the center.

Anyone can "put on a smile," but, I prefer the authentic type. That means rolling with the punches: taking a rejected story pitch, shaky B-roll or computer repair and spinning it with momentum.

I still worry a little bit, admittedly, but I am standing taller in the process.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

I'm That Guy

I'm that guy.

No, not the guy who wears the 'I'm That Guy' shirt, but the guy who will stop at nothing to reach my pursuit of happiness, which isn't a Pulitzer Prize, a New York Times front page byline or even a full-time journalism job (maybe it should be the latter).

You see, success is nothing without someone to share it with. Anyone with some sort of work ethic can reach a career goal. But, the same prerequisites, at least for me, do not apply to finding a significant other.

People can go their whole lives without finding "The One" or end up settling for someone out of loneliness. These days, beyond praying and hoping, I have been shaping myself into the best version of "that guy."

- I'm that guy in a wedding planning class so I can help my future wife (No, I'm not kidding).

- I'm that guy who has taken (and will continue to take) dance lessons.

- I'm that guy who watches "chick-flicks" and thinks how can he improve on the mistakes of the male protagonist.

And, I have many more "that guy" idioms. It seems like I was wired to be a hopeless romantic, anything less isn't the best.

I'm that guy looking for that special someone.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Come To Me

Unanswered applications, weeks without a worthwhile story and general uneasiness.

I have had this feeling before.

It was November 2012. I had a spreadsheet of more than 50 media organizations and internship deadlines. I had already sent out the first 15 or so and gotten nothing. But, after an email out of the blue, I was selected as a News21 fellow.

And, the tables turned. I am still reveling in that success in fact.

Present day feels eerily similar. Still, it is compounded with the lack of a significant other. Both fronts look bare admittedly (I'm impatient, I know).

However, deep down, I trust that everything will work out. With God, it always does. So, this post is essentially a reminder for me to seek the end of the rainbow, even though it may touch down in a place I might not see or think of.

That is how it usually works. Plans deviate and life happens. But, while I do not usually understand God's plan, it is ALWAYS perfect.

So, there is that.

Saturday, January 11, 2014


I think about it too much. And, maybe that is a problem.

I put pressure on myself by focusing on finding "The One." Most of my actions: the movies I watch, the music I listen to and my prayers revolve around this topic.

But, it is who I am.

If I had stopped sending cold email pitches to editors after receiving countless rejection responses, I would not have success as a freelancer, writing stories for magazines and travel sites. If I did not have confidence interviewing a source after a factual error or misspelling, I definitely would not be able to interview a post-9/11 veteran, or even the WikiLeaks spokesperson.

It is the same confidence I will carry over into a potential relationship, despite the challenge of finding that special someone. The One is kind of like the Bible parable that questions putting a lamp under a basket.

The light here is a metaphor. It is for everyone to see. Or, at least it should be.

I do not know what this New Year will bring in terms of this ideal, but, my light will continue to shine, even if I cannot see what is waiting for me under the basket.

Revealed or not, I burn with the same intensity and desire.

Friday, December 20, 2013


The date above might not show it, but for more than a week, I have been thinking about how to start this post.

I thought about an anecdotal lede, but that would not have made sense, all I did was walk. And, I was too young to remember anything anyway.

I put my best foot forward, literally, for the first time Christmas Day 1993.

Since then, my feet have touched the blankets on a hospital bed when I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2nd grade.

And they walked with me in middle school, as a 6th grader with a push button Nokia cell phone. I trekked up steps in high school to my Journalism-1 class (only the teachers had elevator access).

Flip-flops wiggled between my feet signaled comfort on multiple international vacations. Water parks, beaches and everyday Miami too.

Then, I upgraded to dress shoes. Interviews and elevators. All kinds of coverage in all kinds of places: New York, Phoenix and New Orleans, to name a few.

I walk quite a bit today. When it's convenient (or this isn't an elevator or moving walkway close by) of course.

I would imagine I kept walking after taking my first steps two decades ago Christmas Day. I moved forward, free from the limitation of crawling.

And, not much has changed. I still walk without limits.