Saturday, March 1, 2014

I'm That Guy

I'm that guy.

No, not the guy who wears the 'I'm That Guy' shirt, but the guy who will stop at nothing to reach my pursuit of happiness, which isn't a Pulitzer Prize, a New York Times front page byline or even a full-time journalism job (maybe it should be the latter).

You see, success is nothing without someone to share it with. Anyone with some sort of work ethic can reach a career goal. But, the same prerequisites, at least for me, do not apply to finding a significant other.

People can go their whole lives without finding "The One" or end up settling for someone out of loneliness. These days, beyond praying and hoping, I have been shaping myself into the best version of "that guy."

- I'm that guy in a wedding planning class so I can help my future wife (No, I'm not kidding).

- I'm that guy who has taken (and will continue to take) dance lessons.

- I'm that guy who watches "chick-flicks" and thinks how can he improve on the mistakes of the male protagonist.

And, I have many more "that guy" idioms. It seems like I was wired to be a hopeless romantic, anything less isn't the best.

I'm that guy looking for that special someone.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Come To Me

Unanswered applications, weeks without a worthwhile story and general uneasiness.

I have had this feeling before.

It was November 2012. I had a spreadsheet of more than 50 media organizations and internship deadlines. I had already sent out the first 15 or so and gotten nothing. But, after an email out of the blue, I was selected as a News21 fellow.

And, the tables turned. I am still reveling in that success in fact.

Present day feels eerily similar. Still, it is compounded with the lack of a significant other. Both fronts look bare admittedly (I'm impatient, I know).

However, deep down, I trust that everything will work out. With God, it always does. So, this post is essentially a reminder for me to seek the end of the rainbow, even though it may touch down in a place I might not see or think of.

That is how it usually works. Plans deviate and life happens. But, while I do not usually understand God's plan, it is ALWAYS perfect.

So, there is that.

Saturday, January 11, 2014


I think about it too much. And, maybe that is a problem.

I put pressure on myself by focusing on finding "The One." Most of my actions: the movies I watch, the music I listen to and my prayers revolve around this topic.

But, it is who I am.

If I had stopped sending cold email pitches to editors after receiving countless rejection responses, I would not have success as a freelancer, writing stories for magazines and travel sites. If I did not have confidence interviewing a source after a factual error or misspelling, I definitely would not be able to interview a post-9/11 veteran, or even the WikiLeaks spokesperson.

It is the same confidence I will carry over into a potential relationship, despite the challenge of finding that special someone. The One is kind of like the Bible parable that questions putting a lamp under a basket.

The light here is a metaphor. It is for everyone to see. Or, at least it should be.

I do not know what this New Year will bring in terms of this ideal, but, my light will continue to shine, even if I cannot see what is waiting for me under the basket.

Revealed or not, I burn with the same intensity and desire.

Friday, December 20, 2013


The date above might not show it, but for more than a week, I have been thinking about how to start this post.

I thought about an anecdotal lede, but that would not have made sense, all I did was walk. And, I was too young to remember anything anyway.

I put my best foot forward, literally, for the first time Christmas Day 1993.

Since then, my feet have touched the blankets on a hospital bed when I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2nd grade.

And they walked with me in middle school, as a 6th grader with a push button Nokia cell phone. I trekked up steps in high school to my Journalism-1 class (only the teachers had elevator access).

Flip-flops wiggled between my feet signaled comfort on multiple international vacations. Water parks, beaches and everyday Miami too.

Then, I upgraded to dress shoes. Interviews and elevators. All kinds of coverage in all kinds of places: New York, Phoenix and New Orleans, to name a few.

I walk quite a bit today. When it's convenient (or this isn't an elevator or moving walkway close by) of course.

I would imagine I kept walking after taking my first steps two decades ago Christmas Day. I moved forward, free from the limitation of crawling.

And, not much has changed. I still walk without limits.

Friday, November 29, 2013

In A World Like This

I had originally started this post listing all the cities and countries I visited this year, but making a list does not do it justice.

From four months in Phoenix to a humbling week in Haiti, this has been my most productive year, ever. My high school English teacher used to joke that if he ever had kids, he would only give them financial support once they were stable, which meant at least three years in a job. 

And I have plenty to be thankful for in my third year. I only started this thing called journalism when LeBron James "took his talents" to South Beach in 2010. Still, despite multiple New York Times bylines and a job offer, I cannot wait for what 2014 has in store for me.

A colleague recently told me that I was "very, very aggressive." And, I still have my foot on the gas pedal.

In two weeks, I am heading to New Orleans for a winter internship with The Times-Picayune. So this is sort of a year in review, since my time in "The Big Easy" will take me into the new year.

The journalism sphere is small, as I have realized running into multiple colleagues at various conventions and social meet-ups.

But, what a world it is. I won't stop pursuing the craft. until

Monday, October 21, 2013

Dog Days

My middle school math teacher once said "Every dog has its day." I think do not think he meant finding "The One," at least in middle school, but I always took that saying to heart.

It is easy to lose focus of an end goal, be it a future spouse or a full-time job. Stories and deadlines pile up, and sure, it will get easier soon, but what about "her?"

I have taken the patience approach over the last couple months on the topic. The last time I addressed "The One" was back in May. Of course, I would be lying if I said I do not think about a future spouse often, whether it's praying for a chance encounter or whatever pre-conceived notion comes out of the romantic Hollywood movies I have watched over the years. 

And, I think she is close. I can just sense it. Last year at this time, I worried about a summer internship before having to turn down offers later on. 

I think I will meet her soon. And I think I will have multiple job offers (I already have one) when I graduate, despite what the industry perception might be. 

But how do I know? I don't, but I have faith.

As I continue to work hard in both respects, in what I call 'Dog Days,' I think a breakthrough is coming. Just wait. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Curtains Up

If I could sum up my summer in one moment, it would be seeing my favorite artist a couple weeks ago in concert. A video played overhead as my heart pulsed with excitement. Then the curtains went up - and the same excitement resonated, only with a greater intensity.

That is what I feel every time I research a fact, call a source or write a lede within the craft of journalism.

Beyond News21 and the continued success there, I already have a job offer and fellowships to Haiti and Atlanta planned this year. And that does not even include potential freelance gigs and/or other enterprise assignments.

It has just been one thing after another - and I am ever so grateful. My productivity has skyrocketed, but I still find leisure time, which includes sleeping late (a shocker, I know) and watching movies with friends.

My desire to land new internships is still there too, but it is not to pad my resume, I just love what I do. I wake up early with a smile on my face knowing what I will report on today will be different than the last.

And I approach it much like the curtains, reinforced intensity; the main act waiting behind it, ready to put on a show.